Niko 2611


I gamble, and Aviator is in the 100 games for gamblers. If you play at an online casino and don't try Aviator, it's like being in Las Vegas and not going to the local casino.

Good luck with the game.



There are no special rules. Even a blonde like me would understand. Everything else depends on your willingness to take risks. I take a lot of risks, so I win not so often. Friends say to withdraw sooner, then there will be winnings. But I just relax, so I play without stress.



I've tried several slots to play, but all are a little strange. Even figuring out the symbol combinations takes time. In Aviator, everything is simple and straightforward. And the main thing is that a lot depends on you, not luck.



It seems to be a normal game. I couldn't find any tricks. All the rest seems to be some kind of a scam, if you compare it to Aviator.



Adrenaline game! Lots of emotions! I am thrilled! My friends and I really raise money on this slot. The rest are very risky ... Here, slowly but surely you can win.



I managed to play before writing this review several times in this machine, while without investing money. Liked the interface, available to anyone who wants to. Bright characters also favor the game. I think that on the weekend I will play with the investment. A nice plus - the availability of the mobile version of the game.