How to play Aviator

  • Release - 2019:
  • The theme - Aviation;
  • Minimum bet - 1;
  • Maximum bet - 100;
  • Maximum multiplication - 200;
  • Volatility - low and medium
  • Return in percent - 97;
  • Jackpot - No;
  • Available on PC, Smartphones.


Feel the role of a risky pilot! How high he lifts his plane, so high is your earnings.

The height is the coefficient (multiplication) by which your winning rate will increase.

The main thing here is to be able to stop flying at the right moment. Press the betting button in time before the plane stops gaining altitude (the multiplier will stop increasing).

If the list of heights stopped before you pay the bet, the funds burn. But if greed does not exceed reason, and to multiply the bet by 2-3 times enough, then success is guaranteed as much as possible!

Betting and Cashout

* In order to place a bet, select a quantity and click on the "Place" button.

* When you add a second betting panel, you can place two bets in parallel bets. To add a second betting panel, click the plus button located in the lower right corner of the bet.

* To withdraw your winnings, click on the "Cashout" button. The winnings are the bet amount multiplied by the cashout ratio.

When to make a cashout?

It depends on your desired winnings. The dilemma is very simple: early withdrawal, less winning odds. Cashing out later is a better chance of winning.

Autoplay and Autokeshut

* Autoplay activates the Auto menu in the betting panel by activating the checkbox in the automatic betting line. Once set, the bet will be made automatically, but in order to withdraw funds, you will need to click on the "Cashout" button in each round. You can also use the Autokejaut feature if you wish.

* Autocashouts are available in the "Auto" menu on the betting panel. Once you have activated your bet, it will automatically be withdrawn when it reaches the bet you set.

Where to play Aviator - sites

Slot machines are available at many online casinos. We recommend to use only verified and confirmed official sites. The list of virtual gaming sites, where you can play honestly in the game Aviator Spribe, is presented in the link:

How to play Aviator

You can choose one of the strategies for playing Aviator, based on your deposit size and luck.


This is the strategy of a real lucky player! The odds of 100 falls on average once every hour or an hour and a half. So you can observe when there was the last result, multiplied by x100 or more, skip an hour, start betting actively. Good luck to you!


* The Martingale system is simple. You double your bet for every loss. So if you lose the first time, you bet 2 the next time. If you lose it too, you bet 4. And so on. The idea is to win and make up the loss.

In the end, as you can see, Martingale works. Yes, it is not a guarantee of success, and it increases the chance of winning. True, there are two "buts":

a) you initially need to have a large pot in hand so that you can endlessly double your bet.

b) Even the theory of probability does not guarantee 100 percent, there is a risk that the player may already spend all the money and not double.

* The Fibonacci system is similar to Martingale. But instead of doubling your bet after each win, you used the Fibonacci sequence. If you lose the first bet, you bet $1 in the next round. If you lose that too, you bet $2, etc.


This strategy is recommended to choose players who may have enough money in the online casino account.

When using this tactic in Aviator, we play odds x2-x3. The probability of results with a multiplier of 2-3 is 40-42%.

But sometimes, when you are confident in your abilities and you have not been for a long time, you can take a chance and swing for higher rates, which, if successful, will not only stay in the pluses, but also multiply the deposit.


None of the described strategies and tactics are a panacea for success. You can always come up with something of your own, take a risk and win.