• Release - 2021
  • The theme of the game is aviation
  • Minimum bid - 0.06
  • Maximum rate - 100
  • The maximum coefficient is 200X
  • Minimum ratio - 1X
  • Percentage return - 97.4%
  • Number of bets per round - up to 2
  • Available on PC, Smartphones
  • There is an automatic mode
  • Volatility - average

Why do many people like to play Lucky Jet ?

Why do players choose Lucky Jet? Where does the attraction to this game come from?

Players who understand the value of a quality game and a new interface of everyone's favorite game are the happiest! Understanding the essence of the game helps to get positive emotions from the game and, of course, the maximum winnings!

Lucky Jet is an Aviator, but with a more modern and bright interface. Instead of the plane you control Lucky Joe with his backpack. And the rules of the game are the same - bet and withdraw before Lucky Joe starts to fly away.

But players do not like monotony, and the interface of the beloved game can get a little "bored" and even have room for annoyance. You can quit the game and remain dissatisfied, or you can play and get rewarded and enjoy the game. In the second case, your experience will be as positive as possible.

And understanding the strategy of a profitable game will give you the opportunity to be free!

Strategies for profitable games in Lucky Jet

To bring clarity and understanding of how to win in the Lucky Jet game, you can choose a profitable strategy regarding your playing style, level of luck and budget.

The following are strategy options to suit the description of the player.

First and foremost, it is worth remembering that the amount of winnings from the game of Lucky Jet is about knowing the mechanics of the game and your intuition. Then you can call this game a guarantor of honesty, because there is simply no general strategy for winning. But practice shows that players see secret ways to win and apply them in the game.

There are factors that affect your winning: a great desire to play and the ability to stop the game in time, change your betting options.

So, we present you the following profitable strategies of the game:

1. "Slowly but surely!" Moderate investment and length of play are important in this strategy. You can increase your investment in short increments and win. Control in this case leads to freedom and victory. This strategy is recommended to choose the players who may have enough money in the online casino account and time in stock. The essence of this strategy is to bet and withdraw at odds of x1.1. It may be boring, but there is an opportunity to win.

2. "Risk equals income". In this case, you can choose the size of the bets, based on the winning situation. Play with a multiplier of x2-x3. The odds are about 40%, so even if you lose the bet, you can win back in the next round and even increase your winnings.

3. "Favorite Luck. For those who are lucky. Here the rules of the game is completely different. Investment is maximum, and a large bankroll is set. It plays a role expectation of high odds (greater than x100). Experienced players know that such odds occur every 60-90 minutes. Look at the history and you will see the last time the odds were over 100. Wait 1 hour and start betting big.

You can also combine play strategies such as Umbrella, Martingale, Pyramid, Parlay, One Bet per Day and so on. You could end up with a JACK POINT.

Conclusion about the strategies in the game Lucky Jet

Playing Lucky Jet at online casinos requires you to be intuitive and lucky. Play for fun or for money, the choice is always up to you! Above are different strategies for winning really big money for any of your budgets.

Thank you for choosing our casinos and we wish everyone a profitable Lucky Jet online casino game. Win and get your adrenaline flowing. Good Luck!

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Where to play Lucky Jet - sites

Slot machines are available at many online casinos. We recommend to use only verified and confirmed official sites. The list of virtual gaming sites where you can play honestly in the game Lucky Jet, is presented in the link: